May 27 2018
About Us is a Web portal featuring a network of suppliers in the event planning industry.

Working a bit like Google, and Facebook, Bridge4Events was made to find corporate and special events suppliers. You can use Bridge4Events for small to large business meetings, special events and even weddings.

For Event Planners: Within 15 minutes, you will have filled in your request for proposal (RFP) form, found your suppliers and sent out your RFP to all the suppliers selected via the "Create Your Event” section. We want to make it easier for event planners (assistants, communications managers, marketing managers, etc.) to create their RFPs online while also helping them find event suppliers that correspond exactly to their needs.

For Event Suppliers: Event Suppliers can use Bridge4Events as a specialized media platform to post promotions and information about their products and services, offer new ideas to event planners, etc. Event suppliers have access to their own portal (non-public) where they can manage online their advertizing, offer deals, update their profiles, pictures, videos, etc. Suppliers also have access to their stats data.

• A performance tool for event planners, free of charge
• Available anywhere in the world, user-friendly and always up to date to meet the needs of the events market
• Cloud computing software
• Created by Brigitte Cardinal, a Canadian senior level event planner

Still searching? Call us. We’ll find what you are looking for!